Leading industry software for administering the collection of an account.
Footprint is our document imaging, storage and retrieval system. It is the leading industry software for the administration of incoming and outgoing correspondence, reports, and other relevant documents necessary for the collection of an account.

Footprint allows us to attach documents to new and existing accounts with notations in the account history. Copies of documents can be requested from any terminal or viewed directly on our collectors’ screens. This information is permanently attached to the account, eliminating the need to request previously supplied information.

Using a high-resolution scanner, documents are converted to image format and stored on a disk drive for secure preservation and immediate access upon request. For example, any consumer correspondence or invoicing information would be scanned into the account for permanent record keeping. Also, returned checks assigned for collection are immediately scanned, allowing the collectors viewing access to the actual document for skiptracing purposes, signature verification, etc.

This database of documents is accessible by all collectors simultaneously, and eliminates the necessity to locate a file or retrieve microfiche.
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